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Quite apropos to his name, Jackson is a "jack of all trades" video producer: Producer, director, editor, and motion graphics. His projects have aired on national television, seen the front page of Reddit and been featured on a variety of websites such as Slate.com and Telegraph.co.uk. He primarily shoots short form web content but has worked in a variety of forms: Documentary, Music Video, Corporate, and Narrative. He also feels really weird talking about himself in the third person.

That's right. It's me. I've been writing this the whole time. This is akward now, isn't it? Back to the 3rd person.

He likes to tell his stories visually and efficiently, but with character and sense of humor. Either working as a one-man-band or collaberating as a member of a team, he strives to create the most creative and compelling content possible.


Digital Video

Producer/Shooter/Editor, "Freelance" Slate.com (Web) Sony FS7, FS5, A7s / 2015-2016

Producer/Motion Design/Editor, "Brass Tacks" Youtube (Web) After Effects / 2015-2016

Shooter/Editor, "Freelance" The Dolphin Group (Corporate) Sony A7s / 2012-2015

Shooter/Editor, "Interviews" Hub Culture (Web) 5D / 2009-2013

Producer/Shooter/Editor, "Corporate Promos" Thought Development (Corporate) 5D / 2010-2015


Producer/Camera Op, "Solarize Ghana (In Production)" Canon XHA1 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

Associate Producer/Camera Op, "Spinners" Canon XHA1 / 2010 (Dir. Scott Barker) Award Best Doc @ LA Film and Script

Music Video

DP, "It Must Be Christmas Time - The Lebarons" Blackmagic Pocket & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Daniel Frankeberger)

DP, "When the World Ends - Nikki Lang" Digital Bolex D16 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

DP, "Daisies - Nina Shallman" Digital Bolex D16 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

DP, "My Sad Hero - Nikki Lang" 5D / 2012 (Dir. Scott Barker) Aired on MTVu


1st Assistant Camera, "Delilah" Canon C100 (DP Elsa Valdez) / 2015

1st Assistant Camera, "Pearls to Swine" 5D (DP Ameen Haddad) / 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "The Stradivari" RED EPIC Dragon & Arri SR3 (DP Jeremy Asuncion) 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "Safe & Sound" RED EPIC Dragon (DP Mich Castro) 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "Prodigal Son" Panavision Millennium (DP Caleb Tou) 2015

DP, "Jerry Gold" Blackmagic Pocket & 5D (Dir. Rocky Lang) 2015


Camera Utility, "Perreli World Challenge" Sony PMW-300K1 (Speedcast Prod.) / 2015


California State University, Northridge

Bachelor of Arts - Cinema Television Arts 2009

Camera Experience

Camera: RED EPIC Dragon, Canon C100, Sony FS7, Sony A7s, Sony PMW-EX3, Blackmagic Production/Pocket, Canon 5D, Digital Bolex D16, Arri 16 SR3, GoPro

Support: DJI Ronin, Kessler Crane, Kessler Cineslider, Atomos Shogun

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