About Me

I'm a jack-of-all-trades video producer: I shoot, I edit, I create motion graphics, but above all, I try to tell compelling stories. I primarily shoot short form web content but have worked in a variety of forms: Documentary, Music Video, Corporate, and Narrative. My projects have a proven track record of shareabilty and been seen the front page of Reddit, aired on national television and been featured on a variety of websites such as Slate.com and Telegraph.co.uk.

You can also see my photography on my 500px profile page.


Digital Video

Producer/Shooter/Editor, "Freelance" Slate.com (Web) Sony FS7, FS5, A7s / 2015-2016

Producer/Motion Design/Editor, "Brass Tacks" Youtube (Web) After Effects / 2015-2016

Shooter/Editor, "Freelance" The Dolphin Group (Corporate) Sony A7s / 2012-2015

Shooter/Editor, "Interviews" Hub Culture (Web) 5D / 2009-2013

Producer/Shooter/Editor, "Corporate Promos" Thought Development (Corporate) 5D / 2010-2015


Producer/Camera Op, "Solarize Ghana (In Production)" Canon XHA1 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

Associate Producer/Camera Op, "Spinners" Canon XHA1 / 2010 (Dir. Scott Barker) Award Best Doc @ LA Film and Script

Music Video

DP, "It Must Be Christmas Time - The Lebarons" Blackmagic Pocket & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Daniel Frankeberger)

DP, "When the World Ends - Nikki Lang" Digital Bolex D16 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

DP, "Daisies - Nina Shallman" Digital Bolex D16 & 5D / 2014 (Dir. Scott Barker)

DP, "My Sad Hero - Nikki Lang" 5D / 2012 (Dir. Scott Barker) Aired on MTVu


DP, "Jerry Gold" Blackmagic Pocket & 5D (Dir. Rocky Lang) 2015

1st Assistant Camera, "Delilah" Canon C100 (DP Elsa Valdez) / 2015

1st Assistant Camera, "Pearls to Swine" 5D (DP Ameen Haddad) / 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "The Stradivari" RED EPIC Dragon & Arri SR3 (DP Jeremy Asuncion) 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "Safe & Sound" RED EPIC Dragon (DP Mich Castro) 2015

2nd Assistant Camera, "Prodigal Son" Panavision Millennium (DP Caleb Tou) 2015


Camera Utility, "Perreli World Challenge" Sony PMW-300K1 (Speedcast Prod.) / 2015


California State University, Northridge

Bachelor of Arts - Cinema Television Arts 2009

Camera Experience

Camera: RED EPIC Dragon, Canon C100, Sony FS7, Sony A7s, Sony PMW-EX3, Blackmagic Production/Pocket, Canon 5D, Digital Bolex D16, Arri 16 SR3, GoPro

Support: DJI Ronin, Kessler Crane, Kessler Cineslider, Atomos Shogun

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