Below is a list of all the gear I have on hand and available for rental.


RED Scarlet-Weapon - 5k Dragon

1x RED Scarlet-Weapion - Dragon 5k
1x RED Standard OLPF
1x RED DSMC2 Base V-Lock I/O Expander
1x DSMC2 RED Touch Al 7" LCD
1x RED Canon AL Lens Mount
1x Wooden Camera PL Mount
1x Lanparte FF-02 Follow Focus
1x Extra Gear for FF-02
1x RED Universal Top Handle
1x RED Mag Reader and Cable
1x Wooden Camera UMB-1 Mattebox - Base w/French Flag and Side flags
1x Wooden Camera RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable 24"
1x Wooden Camera Easy Riser & LW 15mm Bracket
1x Wooden Camera NATO Lock Magic Arm (7")
1x Wooden Camera Sun Shade
1x Wooden Camera Zip Box - Double 4x5.65" 80-85mm
1x Wooden Camera Side Handle
2x 6inch Smallrig Carbon Fibre 15mm Rails
2x 8inch Smallrig 15mm Rails
2x 12inch Smallrig 15mm Rails
3x Core SXW 150wh V-Lock Batteries
1x Core SXW GP-X2S Charger
1x RED Sidewinder Tool
1x SKB Hard Case
1x Eyelet Ring for Easyrig
2x BNC Barrels
1x Right Angle BNC
1x RIght Angle HDMI
2x Misc Allen Wrenches



Sigma 18-35 f/1.8
Sigma 50-100 f/1.8

Nikon Nikkor-H 28mm - f/3.5
Nikon Series E 50mm - f/1.8
Nikon Nikkor-H 50mm - f/2
Nikon Nikkor-Q 135mm - f/2.8


Canon 80D

4x LP-E6 Batteries
1x 128GB SD Card
1x Charger



Mole Baby 1k
2x LED 1x1 Panel
2x 22" Incandescent Soft-boxes
4x7 Flex Fill
36" Round Flex Fill



Sony UWP-D11 Wireless Lav
Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic
Tascam DR-40 Mixer/Recorder
Rode Mini Boom